Immediate Life Support

RC UK accredited

What is it?

Immediate Life Support is a one day course and was developed by Resuscitation Council UK for healthcare professionals who may have to act as the first responder in an emergency, giving them the skills to manage patients in cardiac arrest before a cardiac arrest team arrives.

An ILS course provides a variety of skills, from managing a deteriorating patient, identifying causes and treating cardiac arrest, to improving abilities as both a team member and leader.

Our ILS qualification is recognised by the European Resuscitation Council and the Australian Resuscitation Council, giving you the freedom to use your lifesaving skills in other countries


🤔 Who can do it?
The ILS course is suitable the following clinicians: doctors, medical & nursing students, nurses, midwives, paramedics, and student paramedics, physiotherapists, dentistry professionals and prehospital clinicians who hold FREC4 & FREC5 credentials. Please contact us if you’re not on the list and we can help.
💳 How much does it cost?
The cost is £125 plus VAT, this includes a manual, certificate.
📅 How long is it valid for?
One year from date on the certificate.

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