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We come with over 15 years experience in training, so we are well suited to meet your educational needs as a student, or if you are a training department, we can bolster your team. Our training motto of ‘train as you fight’ squarely puts the focus on our high quality training content, student empowerment and proven treatment methodologies.

We believe in stress inoculation training, performing under pressure and crew recourse management in emergency situations. We teach the student to harness and react to stress in a controlled manner. This is reflected in our training.

We can offer specialist and tailored courses for clients. Contact us to find out more.

Our focus

✅ Simple and memorable

Our focus is on ‘simple and memorable training’ or in other words, keeping things simple. This motto has been proven to work on more than one occasion and there is no real substitute for hands-on practice.

So with high-quality training content, moulage and real-time stressors we will literally get you to ‘train as you fight’. This empowers the student and builds confidence in a controlled learning environment.

We also give exceptional credence to ‘human factors’ and how to interact, convey information and undertake multiple tasks in a stressful environment.

✅ In summary

In summary, we can offer specialist, bespoke courses for own our clients but we also like to work alongside established training companies to bolster their training potential. Why reinvent the wheel?

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