Event Medical Provision

It’s all in the detail

Over 20 years of experience in prehospital care has taught us that not all practices & medical ‘cover’ are of the recommended standard. Corners have been cut and substandard practice is the end result. This is not acceptable as this places the event, staff and members of the public at significant risk.

Our pre-deployment planning ensures that you, the client are getting a truly bespoke package and level of care that is tailored to your requirements. Yes, money obviously factors in, we are not cheap, but the level of care our clinicians provide is not the ‘accepted standard’ we go higher, further, we attain the gold standard. Our clinicians can add significant robustness and another ‘safety net’.

What sets us apart

🙌 Location, location, location
Whether working on foot, from back of a vehicle or at a static location for protracted periods of time, our team is comfortable, our equipment reflects the task required. We can literally work anywhere and in most weather conditions We are equally comfortable in the remote and austere as we are in the urban jungle. Simply put, we’re effective.
💪 Big or small
We have the capability to deploy a single asset or a full medical team for either critical care or primary care services depending upon the requirement of the client or the event medical provider.
👤 Oversight
We have senior doctor oversight at all of our events 24/7, we have the latest technology including Sat phones, secure communications to undertake telemedicine consults, current medical equipment, custom utility vehicle and a pharmacy on par (and often exceeding) with local ambulance services. Simply put, we have an effective and robust clinical governance structure.
⚙️ Robustness
From team selection, to operational procedures, clinical oversite and equipment. Everything is the best that it can be. We constantly review every facet of what we do. We have formed a solid foundation and reputation within the industry and we continue to further drive up the standards and accountability within this niche.

Whether you need our personnel to be part of a covert medical escort/team or we are required in an overt capacity at events ranging from low-risk fetes to the higher risk events, we can provide the personnel, the experience and the planning. We have the pedigree, experience and industry knowledge to ensure satisfaction from the first initial contact to post-event reporting. Simply, we’re effective at what we do.

* At the time of publication, we are currently applying for CQC licensing.

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