About Us

20+ years experience

With over 2 decades of experience operating within the UK and European borders in prehospital and in-hospital capacities, we have the ability to seriously bolster your efficiency and effectiveness.

We utilise the most experienced and approachable clinicians to form the backbone of our cadre. We only employ individuals with proven track records for both academia and clinical arenas in which we work. Experience is nothing without knowledge and vice versa. We are effective in both of these elements.

What makes us different

🤔 Why us?
In short, we utilise experienced professionals, we have robust governance, constantly review our practices against evidenced based medicine and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. To see what our clients say please have a look at our reviews.
🥇 Standards
We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard in everything that we do. We have the infrastructure, governance and robustness to not only be effective at what we do, but how we do it.

Our Virtues

Or put simply, our code of conduct, without these, we simply wouldn’t be on this stage;
📏 Discipline
We maintain high standards of clinical readiness.
💪 Integrity
We do what is right for the patient and the student, period.
🛎️ Hospitality
Ohana, from the very first interaction, we treat you as part of our family. We believe in making long term bonds.
🏭 Industriousness
We never sit still. We are always developing and evolving techniques, practices and revising our procedures against current evidenced based medicine.
🏆 Perseverance

The task comes first, we only finish when the job is done not when we are tired.

💁 Self-reliance
Whilst we foster team working and interagency work, we are self reliant and our clinicians can work independently if required. We can be relied upon to get the job done.

In summary, we are a small, well defined, structured, efficient and organised team. No matter the task given to us, we will always aim and attain the gold standard whether in an educational, clinical or supportive role.

In short, we multiply the effectiveness of your current team and we are not to be underestimated.